Does church need any structure?

“What does remain from our Christianity and our faith if we remove the structure, visible symbols, the liturgy, the tower, etc? Or what would we want to remain? What is that thing what makes Christianity the true Christianity and we cannot afford to lose.“

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The little lesson of terrorism before Christmas

The back tire was flat. So I was telling myself it was a defect.

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Non-formal education with a movement in mind - Slovakia

Author: Hrubo, Peter. 2011. Non-Formal Education with a Movement in Mind. Common Ground Journal v8 n2 (Spring): 43-49. ISSN: 15479129. URL:

Focus on movement and not just activities
We live in the post communist environment where it is still pretty clear (even though communism fell more than 20 years ago) that it’s easier to change outward conditions than thinking patterns. In connection with Christianity and it’s tradition in this region, it’s even a bigger challenge to assist the local churches and bring a new paradigm in the life of the church.

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