Danny C. Jones - A man who was changing Slovakia

I have a feeling that from a certain point of view, there are three groups of people:
In the first one are those whom we don’t have to meet…. not that they have a problem but for some reason or other you don’t seem to get on very well with them. It doesn’t mean that having a relationship with them is impossible to develop. It is possible, but it requires that you to put more of your energy into it which is not always on hand. People who mainly belong to this group are those who are critical, negative, often complain, like to put you off or have high expectations and not enough support. It is good to have people like this because they are uncovering what is really inside of us. They test your life, your patience and your attitude.

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New Direction – Café Closed

Kompas Café has been a trademark of Kompas ministries for the past 8 years. Probably you remember seeing pictures of this warm, welcoming space that attracted so many hundreds of students through the years. God has taken us in a new direction now with the café. The second week of December 2007, Kompas Café closed its doors for the last time to public service. It was an emotional time for us all. We have loved every moment of the café’s life. It was such a central part of Kompas life that it has often been confused as main purpose of Kompas Training Center.

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Stop Swimming

Last week, in our (TCK) team meeting, we started talking about a man who was caught in the undercurrent of a waterfall. The story is that he tried THREE TIMES to swim out to the calmer waters, but all three times, he was pulled back by the force of the waterfall. Eventually, he succumed to the power of the water, and he drowned.

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