The Flood again…

Big water came to our street. A down-pour of rain, the glacier and not good enough canalization caused tough time again.

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Now at Kosice KECY camp

Now I am at Kosice English camp. Kosice team does it the second time and the difference is obvious.

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TCK 2008 annual report

Would you like to learn how TCK 2008 year looked like? Have a look at TCKompas 2008 annual report at

The Rumbolds are comming

Ed, Wendi and their children are in the preparation/support raising proces to move to Slovakia and join our TCK ministry team. They will serve in town Bardejov (Eastern Slovakia).

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Mike moved to Zilina

In the begining of June 2009, Mike Sullivan (from Josiah Venture) joined officially our TCK team. We know him pretty well. He has already worked with us for few years in Presov, he led the English camp intern team and last two years he worked for Josiah Venture in Czech republic.

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