Flood again

Many Slovaks have experienced the biggest flooding in the history of Slovakia.  It is great comfort to have our security in Him.

How are we doing?

Thanks to Him, pretty well. I tried to play ice hockey again in April, after the conservative way of healing my knee injury (the pills) and a daily exercise routine on a bicycle for almost 3 months.

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Will the church survive?

Often I wonder how it was possible for the first church after three centuries, to grow almost to 20 million committed followers of Christ. It was similar in China. How did they manage it?

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Changes in Training Center Kompas

Our American colleague Laura Troutman left Slovakia last month. She served here for more than three years. I am very grateful for her ministry.

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English camps in few days – KECY project

Five interns arrived to Slovakia at the end of May. This summer we are supposed to organize eight English evangelism camps in cooperation with nine Slovak local churches.

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“Pass it further”  Conference for the Youth workers – KPM 2010

You may remember that we organize a country-wide youth workers conference each year. It was the biggest event of the year.

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TV project Exit 316 Update – part 2

We finally attained the required recommendations from both the Catholic and Lutheran bishops and submitted them to the Slovak Television company.

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Unusual way of sharing the Gospel - Exit Tour in Slovakia

We would like to support the follow up of the summer English camps by the Exit Tour project in October 2010.

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School of the leaders – SPM

At the end of May, 21 students graduated from our school. These students were a great encouragement to us. The program brought a lot of good fruit in our lives as teachers and mentors,

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