KECY 2013 - Comments from the students


What did KECY give me? Friends, great experiencies, new motivation for learning English (to be able to talk with Americans next year ☺). It gave me everything… It was the best week in my life! (Megy)

...when I told my mother, that I got to know great people, whose I like more than rest of my friends, she couldn’t believe that I can like somebody that much after only one week.  (Baška)

When I went to KECY, I thought that it’s conversational camp and I didn’t know it’s also a Christian camp.  So I was suprised how open people were, when they shared their personal stories and issues, especially about God. It was no problem for me, because I was already believer ,  although I never experienced real personal relationship with God. During the KECY my life was completely changed. My view of God has changed and I knew his amazing love. Many of my personal problems, which I had for a long time and nobody could help me, were solved and I found a peace, I couldn’t find for a long time.  So, that week not only fulfilled, but exceeded all of my expectations. Every day of the camp was meaningful. After I had came home, I started to live completely different and God becomes a part of my life.  In addition, I met a many great people there and I hope we will stay in touch.  (Anička)

Hi there!
I send this letter to thank all for the best summer I´ve had. I´m very thankful and glad that I got to know such a great people at the camp. Big thanks goes also to the organization team for preparing all the unforgettable experiences.
I improved my English, learnt more independence, gained more confidence in communication and many more important things for life.
Still the best thing is that I found in my heart a place for someone who brought something more, something what I didn´t know until now- it´s Jesus. I am glad I could get to know Him at this camp.  Once more a big Thank you ! (Janči)

Thanks to this camp I realized that being Christian is not only about going to church, attending our youth group and about good behavior. I saw huge desire of people to serve and it encouraged me to do the same. Although I had known that I have to take responsibility and help others before, I found excuses that I have nothing to do. At this camp I found out that I can be helpful and this American team encouraged me that I can lead people to God and I am not useless. Stories of these people also showed me that if I trust my God for 100%, he will never disappoint me. I must admit that I still have problem with this but I am trying to dare myself and trust Him more.

Kecy was something completely new for me. I had never experienced something like that and although I don’t like things, where I have to deal with people, whom I don’t even know, I’m glad for Kecy. It was interesting to meet people from “other words” Americans, whose behavior was really different from Slovaks but also believers Slovaks, since I had never met people like them. Thanks to internet nowadays you can improve your English in many ways. But talking with people whose mother tongue is English is really rare. Thanks to Kecy I finally can try this and realize in what I need to improve. Also I found many things about faith and made clear few things about God. And of course I can’t forget camp dance. It’s amazing how you can hate and also really enjoy same thing. But I’m sure that everybody liked to dance it.  (Lukáš)

Before I went to Kecy, I had no idea what it is. Once, a very good friend of mine, Linda, came to our classroom. She sat next to me and asked: „Veva, would you go to Kecy with me? “ „Kecy? What’s that? “„That’s a Christian camp, where we will have fun. “, she replied. „Well, I can try it and I’ll see. “ That’s how I got to Patrovec. I had no idea, what’s ahead of me and I was a little bit nervous about it. But as the first day of the camp passed, I found out, that coming there was the best decision of my life.
All the people at the camp were divided into eight groups. I was a part of the blue team. I was very happy because one of the team leaders was Kristen. I had already spoke to her and got to know her a little bit. There were other people on our team – Steven, Any, Zdeno, Paťa, Matúš and the best Slovak leaders – Mirka and Evka.
Each day started with an English lesson where we learned many phrases and slang expressions. Later, we had to deal with different problems during Initiatives. We had to solve them as a team. Afterwards we had discussions with Mirka. She asked us about the games and our opinions about them. In my opinion, sometimes it was difficult to solve some of the problems, but because we worked as a team it was always easy.  We got to know and support each other. In the afternoon, we had Activity time. We played different games here. After that we had Crafts and played US sports. After the dinner we had an Evening program. We danced Kecy dance there and listened to Kecy band. Each evening we were told a Bible story about Peter and Jesus which we discussed in groups. We could express our opinions there. I think it was amazing. Each day we could get closer to Jesus and evaluate our lives and things we’d like to change about them. After the program, there were E-nights – always having a different theme. We could talk, dance or have BBQ.

I am so glad, that I got to spend the most unforgettable week at Kecy. I think, Kecy is not just a random camp – it’s extraordinary. We had an opportunity to make many new friends, have fun, but mainly, we had an opportunity to get to know God and how he helps us in the most difficult moments of our lives. For me, Kecy were a place where I decided to change my life and get to know God better.

At about time, when I started planning my summer holidays, I knew that KECY Camp must be part of it. I really liked the name of the camp, because for me it was really Reconnect. I came to KECY camp two years ago, but after that I lost my connection with the community and a little bit with God as well. I had known what I could expect. But this week at the Camp overcame all my expectations.
At the first place, I didn’t expect so warm welcoming. I know it’s typical for American nature, that after the bust with students arrived to the Camp, they started welcoming students with hugging. I was glad that even though I hadn’t seen people from the camp for two years, they didn’t mind not seeing me for so long and enjoyed me being on the camp. I was really thankful for that. KECY hadn’t even started yet and I knew I would have a blessed time with great people.
Honestly, before the Camp I was looking forward to Americans the most. If not for them I wouldn’t have come to the camp. I missed them a lot as a people who can have lot of fun. I enjoyed talking to them. But on the very first day I started realizing that the camp is about something more than studying English…
I started remembering all about the Camp: KECY dance, musical band, activities, initiatives, readings, stories etc. I started getting into the atmosphere typical just for this camp. I was looking forward to whole week, and I realized that camp leaders were working really hard on creating the Camp. I could not understand how they came up with so original activities, skits and e-nights. When I asked some of the leaders if they can enjoy the Camp despite all those responsibilities, they said that they are enjoying it by different way. I understood that Somebody really strong must be helping them.
The place, where the Camp was held was great for the camps like this one. Areal of the camp was so huge that no American was able to throw Frisbee from one and to another. This areal was great for the sports we played, and main room for evening programs. Gazebo was great place for doing crafts, and nature was great for thinking about the things.
There was something for everybody on this camp. Some students enjoyed sports, English or story on the main program. I myself like the combination of everything. Even though so many program during the day, the camp was not chaotic, but everything had its own place.
The worst thing about the camp is that it last only seven days, and the time runs out very fast. If somebody asked me, what I was doing for whole camp, I would say I was laughing. If laughing makes life longer, I am immortal.
I have never been real Christian, most of my friends don’t believe in God. KECY helped changed this thing about me. I was amazed with the testimonies of people, who shared them with us, even though it must have been hard sometimes. I was encouraged by that and decided to change some things about my life. Although I had believed in God, I had to learn how to trust Jesus. So many times I said thank you to the leaders of the camp, for doing such a great job by doing this camp and I know that for this all I must be thankful to the Greater Leader. I know that He sent those people in my way to show me the way to Him.
Reconnect KECY camp gave so much to me this year. It gave me more that I asked – great friends, open mind, skills, and way to the Lord Jesus. Maybe KECY finished for some students, but not for me. I would like to carry on to the next camp by going to follow ups and even going to small group. I don’t think there is somebody who have some bad memories on the Camp. (Miro)

I joined english conversational camp that took place in Námestovo on 15th-21st July. We lived in beautiful place of Orava damm, Studnička hotel. The guys from USA were really nice and willing to listen to us or talk to us. One girl was my roommate, which was awesome, because that was an opportunity to improve my english even more.
Programme was very interesting. After breakfast we met and begun the day with campdance, we saw various videos and then split to english classes dependind on our english skills. There we took 2 hours of lessons. Those really interesting to me. It was done in quite a funny way, so it even was not any hard for me. I always looked forward to the next one.
In the afternoons we usualy had sports activities that were also very funny. That teached me to trust other people in games and personally as well.
Evening programs I enjoyed the most. They consisted of various games and multimedia (KECY news). That was followed by talks and discussion.
And after the evening program we ended every day with e-night. That were parties on various topics. We had costumes that fit the topics. I enjoyed that very much. The most amazing was the last one – Great Gatsby e-night. The best way to end the camp.
In summary, this week left many memories in me, I got to know many people. And some people which I knew before I could know even better now. It was an amazing time, I hope I will come next year as well ☺ (Helena)

This year I was at KECY camp for the third time and all my expectations were met again. Every year KECY camp is better and better, therefore I have to say that this year KECY camp has been the best for me. Every year there are a lot of great people who believe in God and try to lead other people to God. And that is what this year KECY gave me. Those people showed me God, moreover, they helped me to trust Him, love Him and believe in Him. Thanks to them I finally believe and I have got a big desire to get to know God, in addition I want to build a better relationship with Him.
KECY was the best camp that Ive ever been to by far. Starting with welcoming us students was a moment that I will never forget. Ive had a smile on my face from the beginning till the end of the camp. I felt like if all these people were my second family. Ive experienced a lot of joy with them. I started to love all the team members, students and friends from America. Since I came to KECY I feel like reborn. My point of view on life is much more optimistic and I started to see God in a different way. I can feel like Im closer to Him a bit. First I was afraid of that day when camp ends but later I realized that it only means everything is only starting yet. That’s why Im looking forward all the other follow ups & meetings. I can feel God’s presence around KECY people. If I were to name this camp by different word it would be “paradise”.