Personal changes in the TCK team


It is a perceivable loss, because he uses very well his gifts in management and communication. With strong organizational abilities. He has left deep trace of Christ’s commission at many places of Slovakia. We will miss him greatly. The good news is, he will serve us in the partner organization of JV in the office in Wheaton.  From the July 2013 Kim Shepperson started to work in Mike’s place and she is doing great. From September, Denisa Harčárová joined the TCK staff team. We were cooperating together in the past and we are glad that Denisa can lead the School of Youth Leaders (ŠPM) as a seasoned worker. Her husband Daniel is actively engaged in her ministry as a mentor for ŠPM. From November Alena Stehlíková and Marian Cabadaj joined the work in TCK, in a part time capacity at the office in Žilina.

From July 2013 we were trying to gain new missionaries from the USA to cover the needs of our minstry. We invited two families to serve in TCK: Winkleski family (Brad and Jamie) for the KECY SK project and the Barton family (LeeAnn and Bryan) for the Exit project. Please, pray that God would show them if He wants them in Slovakia. Coryell Juchems and Ricky Hossinger (assigned to disciple making and KECY SK), are in process to be prepared for their service in Slovakia, as well as Kari a Hudson Jones for the FUSION project. In addition we are looking for a person who would take care of the technical-graphic needs of the organization (sound distribution and graphic work).