Praise and prayers - January 2014

Prayer requests:
- wisdom to reorganize different responsibilities and tasks in the TCK projects.
- for wisdom to choose suitable places and local churches for five potential missionaries from the USA/Josiah Venture.
- for wisdom to make a decision concerning reconstruction of the terrace of TCK building, and also for sufficient funds for this reconstruction.
- for the fruit of the new Fusion ministry that started in the town of Senec.
- for preserving and strengthening faith of the students who made decisions at summer camps (KECY, Fusion) to follow Christ.
- for planting new churches in Slovakia.
- for preparations of the Conference of Youth Leaders 2014 (KPM with main theme RADIATE) -
- for wisdom to lead the students attending the School of Youth Leaders (ŠPM) and for successful realization of the project “Adopt a student of ŠPM.”
- for wisdom how to continue with the Czech-Slovak TV project Exit 316.

- opening the new school year of School of Youth Leaders and for the 16 students.
- new TCK staff – Denisa Harčárová – director of ŠPM, Zuzana Polohová – assistant in the Fusion project, Kim Shepperson – JV administrator.
- new interns – Alena Stehlíková, Marián Cabadaj.
- blessings and opportunities to share the gospel during ten KECY camps and two Fusion camps.
- forty students at Fusion and KECY camps who decided to seek God.
- blessings received by 25 TCK staff and TCK friends during the Josiah Venture Fall “Radiate” Conference in the Czech Republic.
- final works of new TCK web site