About our City and Behind the church ministry

Our city and our Community

Independence Day

- Wheaton 4th July Parade

Car show - Wheaton

Old cars - The show


Kompas Reconstruction since 2007

- Kompas - Building Reconstruction… since 2007- 2012

Roma village

How rich we are! We have got so many things we do not need necessary for our life. We I found myself in the Romany village in the East Slovakia I was overwhelmed by the compassion for them as well as by the gratitude towards our God that I was born by His grace in the family that never suffered by destitution.

Aquarium Atlanta

I am persuaded that everybody worship something or somebody, if he knows it or not, if he wants to do that or not. Three hours in Aquarium Atlanta I spent last July, led me to worship God in new powerful and exciting way. Ken and Sara, thanks for providing me this kind of experience.

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